Wedding Moments You Wouldn’t Want to Miss on Film

Wedding photos may flood in by the hundreds since events seem to last the whole day. From the preparation, to the walk, the toasts and the after party, all these moments might be too much for the couple to cherish at the moment. Here are our favorite picture-perfect moments that would immortalize the raw emotions felt and seen at the big day only.

The Countdown. The bride in her gown trying to get her hair done and chitchatting with the girls while the groom is having a bottle of beer just before heading off to get a shower -these are the precious moments leading up to the biggest event of their life. Be it nervousness, excitement or pure bliss; get to know what’s really on their minds as they realize “This is it!”

The Once-In-A-Lifetime Dress. The couple has spent a big fortune on this single item, just to have the perfect gown the bride has dreamt of. During the preparation, photographers can borrow the gown for a while and have fun with it through shots taken at the street sign, at the back of wooden doors or at a sun-drenched window. Think of it as the only photo wherein the dress gets the spotlight wrinkle and dirt free.

Just the Two of Us. This specific scene would be tricky to catch, possibly right after the ceremony or before the couple enters the reception. When the crowd has gone off to wait for the program to start, the newlyweds now get some quality time alone and then it sinks in – we are finally married. Have them stroll along a beautiful garden or make them sit on a swing. Getting the romantic scene would be one surefire photo that they will never forget, and might even be framed for their new house.

All Set and Ready to Dine. One common overlooked part of the whole wedding is the table. By the time the guests and the newlyweds arrive at the reception, the meticulous details of the linen, the centerpiece and even the place cards might already not be on the top priority. Why not rush to the hall before the crowd and try getting photos of the table arranged precisely as planned?

The Little Ones. If they looked like angels at the aisle, the adorable ring-bearer and flower girls are obvious subjects for some super-cute portraits. At the middle of the ceremony, take a snapshot of the kids at their cutest. They might be paying attention to what’s happening, playing along with other kids or fussing around with their clothes, the shots might not be as wedding-inspired but then let’s face it, they’re just too charming!

The Last Hoorah. In most themed weddings, the newlyweds have prepared a dramatic exit to top off the day’s festivities. Riding a helicopter, a horse or taking a vintage cab ride into the city, these goodbye moments signify the start of the couple’s journey together. Make it worthwhile by snagging shots of the crowd, both set of parents, close friends and the husband and wife as they bid farewell all together. Zoom out and frame in the whole scene including the venue and everyone waving goodbye at the couple.

For more details and other varieties of photos, contact your wedding photographer and get to know what their style is and approach they have towards the chosen theme.