Tips For Organizing a Green Wedding

Are you as concerned with having environmentally friendly nuptials as you are about filling the wedding photo albums with beautiful memories? Here are some tips for planning a simple and lovely event:

A green wedding should ideally aim to simplify your big day, cutting down on waste and unnecessary extravagance. That said, you don’t have to trim everything down to bare bones – aim to find eco-friendly alternatives for the aspects of the celebration that mean the most to you.
For example, the most gung-ho couples may choose to conduct all of their wedding correspondence electronically rather than using paper. Others may choose to send invitations, but use email for save-the-date messages.

Choosing locally grown flowers can cut down on transport-related carbon emissions – plus, they’ll still look beautiful in the wedding albums. The same goes for food: if it fits your budget, aim to supply a reception feast full of organic and local produce.
Want to go green and look gorgeous in the wedding photo albums as well? Take a look online, where a number of websites specialize in selling previously worn wedding dresses, many of which are exquisite designer gowns.
Or, if you are into vintage style, look in boutiques for an antique dress or inquire among family members for a gown that may have been worn by a distant relative.
A number of brides have cut waste – and costs – by reusing the same flowers for their ceremony and their reception. Make sure they feature prominently in the wedding album by using the flowers as centerpieces or on the cake table. Or, instead, place potted houseplants on each table, which guests can take home.

Stationary is an area where environmentally friendly options abound. Look for recycled paper wedding invitations and ask local printers about using environmentally friendly inks.
Some jewelry shops specialize in recycled gold rings, while others will use donated gold from family and friends to create meaningful new wedding new bands for you and your fiance.
Finally, choose a caterer who uses silverware and cloth napkins, instead of disposable options. Make sure recycling bins are set up by the bar for disposing of empty beer and wine bottles.