Props for Wedding Photography

Brides are encouraged to use many fun props to enhance their wedding photography.

Wedding Props

Adding props to your wedding photography or engagement photos can help your personality shine and add a unique style to your photo shoot. Anything that has sentimental value to is a good prop to bring! Choose props that relate to your personality, occupation, likes, dislikes and hobbies.

Vintage vintage props are a timeless way to make a dramatic setting for wedding photos. Below are some great vintage wedding ideas to make your wedding something unique.

  • masquerade masks
  • vintage,
  • antique furniture
  • Old bikes
  • Antique mirrors
  • fans, parasols (feather, oriental, paper etc)

Quorky fun Here are some great examples of some props that add a fun, quirky and downright beautiful touch to your wedding and the photography of your day.

  • mini chalkboard
  • sports interests (skateboard, bikes, soccer ball, golf clubs, fishing)
  • bubbles, balloons,
  • kites speech bubbles (ex. “just married”, “say cheese”) or a sign (cloud bubble “just married”)
  • funny glasses with nose and moustache Lolly pops,
  • candy, cotton candy (colours)
  • toy guns, hats, glasses,
  • items on a stick: glasses, moustaches, lips, star glasses, big teeth
  • Sunglasses,
  • hats,
  • umbrellas
  • bright colored socks
  • Your dog, your bikes, your favorite books

If you decide to book an engagement session, you can take your creative ideas even further. Just think about what matters to you, your colour palette, or just something that you happen to love the look of!

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