Vintage Themed Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors are tokens to show appreciation to the guests and to commemorate the marriage of the couple. They are available in all range from simple to extravagant. Choosing wedding favors all depends on the bride and groom. When choosing however, they should consider the theme of their wedding. For example if the want to a vintage themed wedding, then the favors have to be vintage-inspired as well. There are actually plenty of ideas to bring a vintage theme onto the wedding favors, making them classic, stylish and unique at the same time.

For a vintage themed wedding, tea cup wedding favors make a good option. These would be perfect for an afternoon wedding reception, looking elegant and classic on the tables of the guests. Tea cups are not just wonderful favors and elegant table decorations to a vintage wedding reception, as they can also serve as holders for the place cards. The cards can be looped through the cup’s handle or balanced a folded card on the edge of the tea saucer.

There are also other place card holders that look like vintage which can also be given away as wedding favors. One of the choices are Mini Chair Place Cards Favors, a great choice for a couple searching for vintage wedding reception favors. These pewter chair figurine place card holders are available in four assorted vintage chair designs that guests would surely be happy to take home. Aside from holding cards, these cute vintage chairs can also be used to display a photo,hold a note, or etc.

Origami makes a vintage wedding favor as well. This decorative favor can be created from vintage paper, newspaper, or even wrapping paper that has a vintage print. There are some origami projects that can be used in plenty of ways, such as origami boxes that can hold edible favors like chocolates, candies, mints, or almonds. They can also be a part of table decorations. Tables can be decorated with origami flowers arranged in a nice vase or small hanging origami birds on a rustic stem-made centerpiece.

Monogrammed cookie wedding favors also pose a vintage look. Everyone loves to eat, so why not consider edible favors with a touch of vintage such as monogrammed cookies. These can be made by the bride herself or anyone in the family who is good at baking delightful desserts. Monogrammed cookie favors can be packaged in many different ways or present them in a vintage style bowl.

Of course aside from vintage themed wedding favors, to make a vintage-inspired wedding really successful, other wedding supplies must also come in that look. Local antique shops can make a perfect place to find antique vintage napkin rings, toasting flutes, cake servers, and a lot more. There are also many online stores that specialize in different themed weddings, including vintage themes. These stores offer different options when it comes to vintage favors and other supporting wedding accessories, making planning a vintage wedding much easier for a happy couple.

5 Helpful Suggestions for Planning Your Vintage Wedding

You’re getting married! Congratulations! While you still can’t stop daydreaming about your fiancé’s hopefully oh-so-romantic proposal, I’m sure you are aware that planning a wedding is no mean feat. As such is it always best to be fully on your feet and in the know of the various things you may need to do, plan and just think about. Okay, so you know that you want a vintage style wedding, well that is a great start. But as for the details, you still don’t know what to do or where to begin. Yes, you plan to scan some magazines containing the most fabulous vintage wedding dresses and vintage wedding rings; but that is just the tip of the iceberg. As a truly stylish vintage wedding is beyond just the design of your dress and accessories. It is about the mood, feel and ambiance of the entire day.

Planning for Your Vintage Wedding

You may want to have a full vintage feel on your wedding or opt for more of a modern one with a little vintage twist here and there. It’s really your call. Below are some suggestions that can guide you in planning for that beautiful day:

1. You may want to look at some samples of vintage wedding invitations.

Your wedding invitation is the best tool you can use to inform your guests about your theme. You may opt to customize your invitations to look like telegraphs, old photos, or any remarkable item from your preferred era.

2. Consider the colors and designs of every single thing at your wedding venue.

Some periods are noted for particular colors and designs. For instance, turquoise would be a great representation of the 1950’s. You may also choose timeless styles for every detail in your venue, from the lighting to the tables and other decorations. Should you opt for a modern venue with a vintage twist, make sure everything blends well with each other.

3. Look for ideas about popular meals from your chosen era.

Your chosen era may have signature drinks and recipes that you may want to try. If you’d love to rekindle old family memories, you may choose your grandmother’s recipes and your grandfather’s favorite drink. Also, you may scan some catalogues containing the most adorable vintage wedding cakes.

4. It is best to also give some souvenirs that fit in your vintage theme.

Again, it depends on your chosen era. You may want to give away some vintage-styled items or products from an old family recipe as your wedding favors, for instance some sweets or trinkets that your great-grandmother used to make.

5. Choose between a vintage wedding dress or a modern one with a vintage touch.

The first option requires you to look for a specific style that represents your chosen era, whereas the latter enables you to just look for accessories that would complement your modern wedding gown. Neither are necessarily the easier choice, as both options require careful thinking and a lot of considerations. Meanwhile, whatever your choice is, make sure the attire of your whole entourage blends with yours and your groom’s.

There you have it; some simple vintage wedding ideas that can help you in planning for your big day. And while you may still go back to the memories of your fiancé’s proposal, you may likewise daydream of your upcoming vintage themed wedding! And hey, don’t forget to take wise action, do you research and most importantly go with your gut instinct, this way you will be able to turn your wedding day dreams into reality.

Throwing The Quintessential Vintage Wedding

The vintage ‘theme’ strikes up various likenesses to the early 1900’s. The images of these eras have inspired weddings with the vintage theme and have grown increasingly popular. This has much to owe to the gentle, romantic, bewitching and classic setting this theme offers – with the delicate, textured, laced and ‘dusty’ fabrics. The ‘antique look’ is elegant flows naturally, whilst still being simplistic, to create a more memorable ‘I do moment.’

The Wedding Dress

If you’re opting for a vintage themed wedding – the bride’s wedding dress should be a portrayal of that. After all – the dress will set the day’s mood from the start. A vintage wedding dress recounts the allure and elegance that once was. Such a glamorous dress will embrace the natural and feminine, with soft colours and plenty of lace. Although you could have your own unique vintage dress made, you would get a much more genuine and sterling look from a real vintage dress, worn during the apex of this style.

The Right Décor

Another key feature that should be included in your wedding planning is lace – lots of it. Lace gives that authentic antique feel and works splendidly with up-cycled decorative pieces. Include such items as burlap table runners; fine bone crockery; candles; vintage silverware and elaborate old-fashioned silver and gold ornaments. Placing a few antiqued furniture pieces here and there to create comfortable seating areas, adds an extra touch. Use items such as Persian carpets, vintage couches and wooden side tables or even a dresser as the gift table.

Don’t Forget The Flowers

The most suitable arrangement for a vintage theme would be a combination of wildflowers of subtle hues. Loosely arrange gentle yellows, whites, pinks and greens, without making it look arranges, to achieve a refreshing, naturalistic atmosphere.

Lastly – Lighting is Essential

You can never go wrong with adding fairy lights at a wedding – and even more so with a vintage theme. They create a wedding setting straight out of a fairy-tale and are less harsh – which means great things for your wedding photos. Other options for subtle lighting, that offers gentle, muted tones, are vintage glass bottles, silver candlesticks and chandeliers.

Now take all these elements and put them together under the roof of a Bedouin-inspired stretch tent. Stretch tents have fluid flowing organic lines, natural fabric colours and their exceptional elegance and beauty will make the perfect canopy for your vintage themed wedding. Your guests will be transported into another world, in another time and you will have the special day you have always dreamed of.