Going Vintage!

Vintage is the “new,” “hot,” and “fresh” idea for this wedding season. Today, Bride’s are reinventing the old and turning it into something innovative! When thinking about the word “vintage,” what vision comes to your mind? Do you think old-fashioned and historical? How about fashionable and glamorous? What about warm and cozy? Vintage can be so many different things. Vintage can be an era, a particular piece of furniture, a memory, and even a style.

Because finding Vintage items and ideas to enhance your theme can be like finding a needle in a haystack, here are some options I have put together for you, the Vintage Bride!

1. Vintage Location: As a vintage Bride, you may want to create your vintage look by first and foremost hosting your wedding at a historical site. Some examples in the Southern California Area are the Jones Victorian Estate in Orange, the Centennial Museum in Santa Ana, and the Grand Tradition in San Diego, to name a few. In this way, your Vintage look begins the moment you book your venue. When guests arrive, they are instantly brought back in time to a period when hospitality and gentility reigned.

2. Vintage decorations: When buying vintage and antique items, you can begin at Antique stores, but don’t limit yourself there. Although going into an Antique store, where you are guaranteed to find an abundance of vintage items from broaches to furniture, can feel like you have found the pot of gold, these items may come with a heavy price tag.

If you’re ready for some adventure, try bargain hunting! Flea markets and antique swap meats have a wealth of vintage items that you can pick through and choose from. Keep your eyes pealed because there can be a fabulous one-of-a-kind find hidden under a mound of items. Remember, you can barter, so find the best deal! In addition to flea markets and swap meats, try Salvation Army and Good Will stores, which have new items arriving practically every day! At these stores, you’re always guaranteed a good price.

Tired of run-around shopping? Try eBay, Craigslist, Etsy.com, or “Google” the word Vintage, where you can find everything from a vintage bridal gown to trunks, chairs, vases, and more!

3. Worried about the cost of acquiring these Vintage items when everything is all said and done? Rent vintage items! Vintage rentals are becoming more and more popular. Vintage Rentals come from specialty sources like “FOUND” based in Fullerton, CA, whose owner, Jeni Maus, finds joy in discovering that collectible item you’ve been searching for! From trunks, chairs, couches, and decor, you can style your photo-shoot and wedding vintage and bring guests back to another time period.

4. Ask a relative! Remember going into your Grandmother’s, Great Aunt’s, or another relatives house and admiring all of their nick-nacks and pictures? For your wedding, bring some vintage memorabilia that will represent your family, such as black and white pictures of your grandparents, an old quilt, dishes, teapot, or your Grandmother’s broach or locket to pin on your bridal bouquet. One thing to remember when asking your relative for these items is that these may be heirlooms or important artifacts of his or her past, so take good care of them. Any items that the relative will lend or give you for your wedding need to be written down on a checklist. To make sure everything is organized, print two check lists: one for a check-in and one for check-out.

Michelle Gregory, Wedding Coordinator and Event Planner at the Jones Victorian Estate recommends, “In order to make sure everything gets back to the owner, choose a reliable family member with a vehicle that will be responsible for those items. He or she will have the list and the coordinator or site representative will have a copy of the same list to make sure everything is collected and packed safe and correctly.”

5. Make your own! Vintage can also be a style and not specifically an item found in an era, so be bold and try creating your own! For a picture frame, get a brown frame and white wash it, or spunge gold, bronze or silver patina onto the frame to make it vintage or vintage glam. Do you have some extra costume pearls or jewels? Think about incorporating those into an idea too! Is there a box in your attic of discarded fabric or materials? Why not make some original vintage looking quilts or napkins? All these ideas and more can create your “vintage look” and can help minimize cost.

Whether going “vintage” shines through your location or your vintage memorabilia, make your Vintage Wedding your own! Reflect who you are and where you come from by creating your very own vintage theme. Going Vintage can lead you to all kinds of new and exciting destinations. Think about Vintage Glam, Vintage country, Vintage shabby-chic, Vintage garden, and more! Keep your eyes and mind open. Happy planning!

7 Ways to Create a Unique Wedding Cake Using Wedding Toppers

When searching for unique cake toppers, consider your wedding theme, personalities or common interests that you have. The addition of toppers on cakes have been a common practice for hundreds of years, making a simple or an elaborate cake into something special to suit the occasion.

However in recent times the traditional toppers have taken second place for the modern couple looking for something different to reflect their own personalities giving their cake a unique and personalized touch.

There are many different styles of wedding toppers that would make your cake unique for example there are:

• Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers these can range from monogram wedding toppers made from etched crystal or glass or even jeweled metal initials.

• Castle Wedding Toppers for the romantic fairy tale weddings which can also include the glass slipper and coach.

• Western Toppers for those who like the country life.

• Beach Wedding Topper for the lovers of the sun and surf. These toppers can include shell and starfish tops as well as palm trees.

• Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers for the couple wanting to capture a bit of the past.

• Sporty Wedding Cake Toppers for lovers of almost every sport which can include fishing, hunting, baseball and golf.

• For a more unusual and unique toppers there many companies that create custom made toppers. These companies are able to create wedding toppers to look like the bride and groom. These are usually created from a photo that you provide, the company will then make the toppers to match your faces, hair color and special characteristics. These figurines can be put into almost any pose that you chose perhaps it is you playing tennis, golf or even horse riding.

Whatever one your chose be it ready made or custom made these toppers will be long treasured after your wedding day.

Props for Wedding Photography

Brides are encouraged to use many fun props to enhance their wedding photography.

Wedding Props

Adding props to your wedding photography or engagement photos can help your personality shine and add a unique style to your photo shoot. Anything that has sentimental value to is a good prop to bring! Choose props that relate to your personality, occupation, likes, dislikes and hobbies.

Vintage vintage props are a timeless way to make a dramatic setting for wedding photos. Below are some great vintage wedding ideas to make your wedding something unique.

  • masquerade masks
  • vintage,
  • antique furniture
  • Old bikes
  • Antique mirrors
  • fans, parasols (feather, oriental, paper etc)

Quorky fun Here are some great examples of some props that add a fun, quirky and downright beautiful touch to your wedding and the photography of your day.

  • mini chalkboard
  • sports interests (skateboard, bikes, soccer ball, golf clubs, fishing)
  • bubbles, balloons,
  • kites speech bubbles (ex. “just married”, “say cheese”) or a sign (cloud bubble “just married”)
  • funny glasses with nose and moustache Lolly pops,
  • candy, cotton candy (colours)
  • toy guns, hats, glasses,
  • items on a stick: glasses, moustaches, lips, star glasses, big teeth
  • Sunglasses,
  • hats,
  • umbrellas
  • bright colored socks
  • Your dog, your bikes, your favorite books

If you decide to book an engagement session, you can take your creative ideas even further. Just think about what matters to you, your colour palette, or just something that you happen to love the look of!

Check out some blogs such as Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, Polka Dot Bride, Rock and Roll Bride any day of the week to gain inspiration and point you in the right direction.