7 Ways to Create a Unique Wedding Cake Using Wedding Toppers

When searching for unique cake toppers, consider your wedding theme, personalities or common interests that you have. The addition of toppers on cakes have been a common practice for hundreds of years, making a simple or an elaborate cake into something special to suit the occasion.

However in recent times the traditional toppers have taken second place for the modern couple looking for something different to reflect their own personalities giving their cake a unique and personalized touch.

There are many different styles of wedding toppers that would make your cake unique for example there are:

• Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers these can range from monogram wedding toppers made from etched crystal or glass or even jeweled metal initials.

• Castle Wedding Toppers for the romantic fairy tale weddings which can also include the glass slipper and coach.

• Western Toppers for those who like the country life.

• Beach Wedding Topper for the lovers of the sun and surf. These toppers can include shell and starfish tops as well as palm trees.

• Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers for the couple wanting to capture a bit of the past.

• Sporty Wedding Cake Toppers for lovers of almost every sport which can include fishing, hunting, baseball and golf.

• For a more unusual and unique toppers there many companies that create custom made toppers. These companies are able to create wedding toppers to look like the bride and groom. These are usually created from a photo that you provide, the company will then make the toppers to match your faces, hair color and special characteristics. These figurines can be put into almost any pose that you chose perhaps it is you playing tennis, golf or even horse riding.

Whatever one your chose be it ready made or custom made these toppers will be long treasured after your wedding day.